Oct. 31st, 2012

The Premise.

The world is a simple place. It just happens to be filled with the supernatural. Demons, vampires, magic, angels, good, evil. But through it all one thing stays constant. The world is a cosmic game board between Heaven and Hell. Hell has it's influence everywhere, guided by Lucifer's hand. Heaven's armies battle Hell's, while most humans are blind to the fact their existence could change with one lost fight. While Hell has it's share of demons and other evils, Heaven has its champions. It's Chosen. The war is on going and woven so deep into the fabrics of life that many of these individuals remain unaware of each other. Many think they are alone, but in reality they are not. Many prefer to work alone but there are situations that won't allow it. Through it all, beings are trying to exist. To live. To rule.

The world continues on. Battles fought. Battles won. Battles lost. Heroes and villains come and go. Life evolves. Though the board can change, the game will forever continue.


This is a non-profit site. This site is in no way affiliated with Paramount, Mutant Enemy, WB, CW, Fox, or the creators and owners of any of the characters used. Other non-original characters also belong to their rightful copyright owners. All original characters belong to their creators. All celebrities used for played-bys are in no way affiliated with this. Absolutely no money is being made. Any questions/concerns about characters should be sent to the writer of the character in the community in a private manner as the moderators of this community do not dictate their choices.


Applications should be posted here. All comments are screened, and will remain so. Please do not just copy and paste other people's applications/userinfo etc. You must write it yourself. Otherwise, what in the world are you doing here? (And yes you can link to examples as long as they are your own.)

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The Rules.

Sadly we do have rules here and so we present them to you with a heavy heart.

1. Original Characters - OCs are welcome! But in order to have them, you MUST have at least one active fandom character per OC first. (As in, if you have four active fandom characters, you could essentially have four original characters.) Sorry. This rule can change if the argument is strong enough, if we agree on the need for a change, or we just want to change it.

2. Character Limit - Due to the nature of this community, there is no character limit. This can change if and when the Mods wish it to. And please try not to choose to play two characters that interact with each other all the time if you can help it. We want interaction with each other please. (Though if you wish to argue your case, feel free. If you can sway us, then that's fine.)

3. Character Deaths/Adult Situations - All character deaths, pregnancies, and important situations like that must be approved by the players involved and the Mods. If you're unsure about something, please ask.

4. Age/Adult Content - Don't even bother to apply if you aren't 18 or older. We have nothing against good writers of any age, but there may be adult content. Language, violence (this is a horror theme after all), and possibly smut. Anything graphic should always have a warning in the subject line and be behind an LJ cut or in threads. Be mature about this. If you don't think you can handle the possibility of adult content, don't apply.

5. Stay in Character - Canon to start off with. (Unless you're playing an AU character.) How they evolve is up to you and the plots, but don't slash characters up just for the sake of porn. That's not what this is about. Example: Dean Winchester isn't suddenly going to go banging the nearest hot guy just because he's hot. Don't have your character running around being a serial killer/whatever just for kicks if it's not in their personality to do so.

6. OOC/IC - IC is In Character, OOC is Out Of Character. Just because a character acts/thinks a certain way does not mean the player shares the opinion. All negative OOC opinions/feelings should be checked with your coats. Bad vibes suck. If you have a legitimate problem, let the mods know. While it's best if you resolve things between you and others yourself, this is also our community. If we can help, we'll try.

7. AIM - AIM is wonderful. We love AIM. It comes in handy as a way to communicate with other muns, the Mods, and to do whatever else your heart wishes with it.

8. Mods - All mod decisions regarding applications, characters, plots, and everything else are final. While we will be happy to listen to your opinions and thoughts, the major decisions are ours to make. But don't be afraid to ask about things. Questions are wonderful. It's how we learn.

9. Activity - Activity is a wonderful thing. We like to see it. The more, the better. Even if it is just to let us know you live and are still interested. While we don't have anything set in stone, showing life every two weeks is a nice thing. Please try it. If you don't? We'll have to part ways. Sorry.

10. Format - Unless it's a journal entry, all things written should be in third person. Be sure to follow our ready made posting system located: HERE.

11. Godplaying/Godmoding - Not cool. Stay away! AWAY! That means that even if you play an uber powerful character, be sensible. It's no fun if they can do everything and no one else can.

12. Grammar - Correct spelling and grammar are beautiful. Typos are habit forming and we will not punish you for them. We make them as well. Even a slight slip of a missing word is fine. As long as you're trying, we're cool. But remember that spell check loves you. No net or L337 speak is allowed. Using it will get you banned. We like to be able to read what's going on, not gouge our eyes out.

13. Allowed Characters - So many fandoms are allowed. There is a big wide world full of them. Television, movies, video games... Think about it. You can find something. The only real requirement (more of a strong suggestion and hope) is that they must have some connection to the horror and/or supernatural genre. If you're unsure, feel free to ask. We aren't super strict and we are willing to stretch connections to make it work. We're funny that way. If you want to play an AU version of character please ask about that as well. You may need to explain why you want your character to be AU.

The Following must be approved first, so ask and find out.
Reaper (The tv show.)
Video Games
Comic Books

However, there are fandoms we Do Not allow.

The following will not be allowed under any circumstances.

Disallowed Fandoms
Real Celebrities
Harry Potter (There are already enough rps with those characters around.)
Wrestling fandoms
Resident Evil Movies (Just the movies. The games we WILL allow. The movies, no.)
Comic strips (Be they print or webcomics. No.)

Anything by the following authors: (We know they don't want others in their playground, so we leave them alone.)
Laurell K. Hamilton
Mercedes Lackey
Anne McCaffrey
Anne Rice

We can and will add to this list as we see fit.

14. Played Bys - These are the face of your character. If someone is already using a PB, that PB is no longer available for use unless the same celebrity actually portrayed them. (For example, both Buffy Summers and Karen from "The Grudge" were played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. That's fine. But someone playing an OC or a character from another genre is not.) We do allow you to have anime/game art along with a PB for your characters. So if you have just one PB icon and the rest from the series your character comes from, that's fine.

15. Manners - Please use them.

16. NPCs - They are the faceless. The extras. No one plays them, but anyone can use them. They are there convenient plot devices. If they seem 'out of character' it doesn't matter. They barely get screen time unless it's to push something along or to say something obvious. Now if someone decides to pick them up, well then they aren't NPCs anymore. (This is only in reference to OC npcs.)

17. Change - The Mods reserve the right to change any and all rules as we see fit at any time. We're mods. It's what we do. But if we do, we'll probably give you a virtual hug. In our minds. Or a cookie. Or something.


If you have questions, you're in the right place.

What is Endless Epitaph?
Epitaph is a pan fandom (crossover) role play with a horror and supernatural theme. It's taken a majority of various fandoms and put them in all in the same coexisting world with a horror theme.

Who can play?
Virtually anyone can play as long as they're mature and the legal age in their area. Character wise, we're pretty lenient and acceptable on who we let in. We do have a list of fandoms we don't allow. It's located in our rules section.

There's an age limit? Why?
It's horror based. Some of us grew up in an era where horror was typically R rated. That meant 18 and over. If you're under the age restriction in your area, you probably shouldn't be here.

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Wanted Characters

Wanted Character List
These are just characters we would love to see in the game. If you have suggestions, by all means reply with them! Characters in italics are ones that have been requested more than once.

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